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When you choose DFW Construction Group for your bathroom remodeling project you choosing a company that specializes in many areas of home remodeling and our bathroom remodeling services in particular are exceptional. Of all the services that we provide we especially enjoy providing quality bathrooms to our customers. 

When it comes to bathtub and shower installation we only use the best construction methods and products available. Our walk in showers are beautifully designed and have a 3 part watertight construction that includes first a plastic vapor barrier beneath hardy backer with sealed joints beneath the finish material such as natural stone, tiles, or slab materials. Any natural stone used in our bathroom remodels will be completely sealed with a clear sealer to prevent it from absorbing moisture.

If its a bathtub or jacuzzi that you want then let us help you design and create a relaxing environment where you can soak all your troubles away. We can design and build platforms for drop in tubs and jacuzzis using beautiful materials such as natural stone, fieldstone, riverstone, granite, tile and composite or manufactured materials such as wood laminate. If your bathroom has an insert tub and you want to upgrade to a clawfoot bathtub or other type with tiled walls we can help with that as well. 

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Shower and Bathtub Installation in Denton, TX

We offer the full range of bathroom remodeling services in Denton, TX from bathtubs and showers, vanities, countertops, tiling and painting as well as plumbing, electrical, and lighting services. Our professional and reputable team of remodelers will execute your project with a clear understanding of the vision you have for your new bathroom and a precise quality control and construction plan in place that reflects your budget and timeline requirements as well as respectfully minimizing the disturbance to your household. In addition to our full range of services we also offer complete, to scale drawings and 3D renderings of your bathroom for free as a part of the design process so that you can virtually tour the proposed layout, investigate different color schemes and materials, and get a feel for you new bathroom in 3 dimensions. We create your bathroom with your design requirements in mind and keep you fully involved throughout the entire design and construction processes. For more information regarding our bathroom remodeling services please feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting and free estimate.

At DFW Construction Group we believe that as a home owner you should have the luxury and comfort of a bathroom that is not only modern and functional but provides a personal haven that suites the needs of you and your loved ones. From stand up showers with modern shower systems to jacuzzi tubs, vanities, and flooring we provide expert construction and bathroom remodeling services that will make the most of your new bathroom. We use only the most reliable and time tested products and construction methods. We believe that your bathroom remodeling project deserves the time and attention to detail that will set it apart from all others for years to come.

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Denton, TX

Bathroom Remodeling in dENTON, TX 

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