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Window And Door installatioN IN denton, TX

Interior Painting

A fresh wall finish makes any room or the whole house look new again.

Exterior Painting

A highly effective way to protect the exterior of your home and increase its appeal for potential sale or lease.

Cabinet Painting & Staining

Rejuvenate the look of your kitchen by painting or staining your old cabinets. Painted or stained cabinets can be antiqued to create a vintage look to your kitchen. DFW Construction Group offers turnkey kitchen remodeling services in Denton, TX as well as the surrounding areas of North Texas. For more information about our Kitchen Remodeling page or Contact us to schedule a free evaluation and estimate.

Exterior Door Installation

Metal or wood solid core door

Interior Door Installation

Solid core, standard interior door, french doors, or double doors

Gliding Door Installation

At least one panel glides smoothly

Hinged In-swing Door Installation

Saves room for smaller spaces

Hinged Out-swing Door Installation

Panels open outwards

Sidelights & Transoms

More elegant solution to foyer lighting

Expert Painting

Expert Door Installation

Wrought Iron Staircase

Wooden Staircase

Glass Staircase
Straight Staircase

Spiral Staircase
Winding Staircase
Quarter Landing Staircase

Half Landing Staircase
Arched Staircase
Floating Staircase

Bay Windows

Maximize space and views

 Horizontal Slider Windows

Sliding windows

Casement Windows
Opens outward like a door on a hinge

Double Hung Windows
Two vertical sliding panels

Awning Windows
Hinged at the top and open outward

Gliding Windows
Two sash more contemporary look

Stair Construction

Window Installation

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